10 Top Lord of the Rings Places to visit in New Zealand

Queenstown New Zealand is a brilliant starting point if you want to experience New Zealand at its best, and it’s also a great beginning for passionate Lord of the Rings fans.

The film locations are spread from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island with various ways to explore and experience them from jetboating to helicopter flights and horse treks.  Relive the magic of the LOTR films with a local tour to get all the insights and behind the scenes knowledge.

South Island New Zealand LOTR locations

Beginning in the adventure capital of New Zealand:

  1. Queenstown LOTR sites*: Pillars of the Kings, Ford of Bruinen, Dimrill Dale, River Anduin
  2. Glenorchy LOTR sites* : Amon Hen, Ithilien, Isengard, Lothlorien, Misty Mountains
  3. Te Anau LOTR sites : Fangorn Forest, edge of Rivendell
  4. Wanaka LOTR sites: South of Rivendell, Misty Mountains
  5. Mt Cook LOTR sites: Edoras, Erewhon, Pelennor Fields
  6. Nelson LOTR sites: Dimrill Dale, South of Rivendell. Nelson also boasts being home to the creator of the “One Ring”
  7. Blenheim LOTR sites: Film sets available for viewing at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

North Island New Zealand LOTR locations:

  1. Wellington LOTR sites: Isengard, Rivendell, and the WETA workshop. Visit the WETA Cave to pay homage to movie memorabilia
  2. Waitomo Caves The Hobbit sites: Staddle farm, Trollshaw forest
  3. Matamata LOTR sites: The Shire – Hobbiton

*Travel the Glenorcy road to Paradise with Pure Glenorchy Lord of the Rings Scenic Tours and experience the locals insights and legends from the filming of the trilogy.

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