About Pure Glenorchy

Pure Glenorchy are a NZ owned family business, running Lord of the Rings Scenic Tours since 2005.

We are a family team and are super passionate about Lord of the Rings and this beautiful part of the world.

All of our guides have a genuine love the Lord of the Rings and look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience. Operating since 2005, we take pride in delivering a fantastic tour to our guests every day.

Joel and Kate

Joel Lamason & Kate Cruickshank, Owners & Operators

We moved to Queenstown 6 years ago to mountain bike, ski & snowboard and immediately fell in love with the raw energy of the area.

We absolutely love showing off the breathtaking beauty of Glenorchy and its surrounding natural areas to our visitors – and of course, all of the incredible Lord Of The Rings film Locations!

After many years in the tourism and hospitality industry we know the importance of customer satisfaction and good old fashioned customer service.

We take pride in each and every trip. Our team does their best to ensure all of our guests leave with the sense of awe we felt; the very first time we experienced the wonder of Glenorchy.

Serena Chua

Serena Chua

Several years ago my own family and I came from Australia to New Zealand on a quest to visit all of the Lord of the Rings locations on the South Island. 

As we explored the stunning area of Queenstown through to Glenorchy we fell in love with the diversity of scenery this region has to offer. From Mountains to Lakes to rich green forests, you could definitely see why Peter Jackson chose to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy here. You could also see why other production companies chose to also follow suit!

We loved the region so much we uprooted the family and moved here and the rest you could say is history! We still get out most weekends hiking and exploring the countryside, always in awe of an ever changing landscape.

I genuinely never ever tire of taking people on tour to show them the epic scenery we have to enjoy and the movie locations that are abundant here.
Come join me!

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